Are you wearing your clothes not only with

comfort but with confidence that will

last for 11 years?




About 10for1



“10 for 1” is a brand for ladies’ clothing born in London in November 2012.






Under the “10 for 1” brand concept focusing on

special clothing that you can still enjoy wearing even in

ten years’ time, we offer you clothing that

gives off a unique aura of English vintage feelings.


Some of the “10 for 1” brand clothes are made in a limited

quantity from high-quality antique fabrics bought in England,

which look like a painting, and the others are made from

original fabrics printed with graphics created on certain

themes every season in collaboration with

“Sas and Yosh”, artists living in England. 

 Also, committed to “Made in Japan”,

we offer high-quality clothing made one by one with

 great care by seasoned Japanese craftsmen.







Introducing classy yet pretty looking styling that suits

everyday occasions Expressing a femininity which

every woman respects with a touch of

classic like products and designs that reflect

a unique view of your world.